Supporting Families Programme is about working with the whole family, not just the children, or a single family member. Families are often trying to deal with more than one problem at a time. This can make it difficult for families to get the right help and support. Although each family is different, many have issues relating to:


- Crime and anti-social behaviour

- Education - children not in school

- Worklessness, adults on out-of-work benefits

- Young people not in employment, education of training

- Problems with drugs and/or alcohol

- Physical or menthal health probelms

- Domestic violence and abuse

- Families at risk of homelessness or unmanaged debts

- Young children failing to thrive

- Unhealthy weight and/or malnutrition concerns.


What help is available?

Many families tell us that they know help is available, but trying to get the right help, from the right organisation at the right time, is not always easy.


Supporting Families in Hampshire is a new way of doing things – providing extra practical help early on to stop problems getting worse.  We ask families about the things that are important to them, about the things that might help, and what we can do differently to support them.

This is how we start working together to get things back on track.


What families can expect

At a local level, families in the programme can expect:

- a dedicated point of contact (known as a key worker/agency)

- agencies working in a better coordinated and joined up way supporting the whole family

A single plan for each family. The Family Plan will set out clearly:

- what the key worker or lead agency will do

- what the family will do

- what the other agencies involved will do.

supporting families