PO1. Through securing employment, financial capability will improve for participants

IC1. Reduction in Rental Arrears

IC2. Ability to set and manage a household budget

IC3. Reduction in participants depending on benefits


PO2. Through improving Digital Skills, participants will gain better access to digital services such as job searching, housing and benefit related information

IC4. An increase in the use of digital skills to gain information

IC5. A reduction in housing issues due to being able to access information online

IC6. An increase in meaningful job search activity


PO3. People who engage with the project interventions, experience an improvement in their own health and wellbeing

IC7. An improvement in overall physical wellbeing

IC8. An improvement in overall emotional and mental wellbeing

IC9. A reduction in the need for medical intervention and support


PO4. People who engage with the project interventions move closer to the work place and feel more able to embed a work ethic within their own attitiude and households

IC10. Increase in Job Applications

IC11. Reducation in the amount of people who are unemployed or economically inactive

IC12. Increase in Employment Aspirations

PO = Project Outcome - the main aims and outcomes of the project

IC = Indicator of Change - the ways in which the project outcomes will be measured.

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